We offer all the specialties for all your needs for all members of the family:


Dental Check Ups

we examine not only your teeth but your face, soft mouth tissues, periodontal health and will look at all existing restorations. If neccessary xrays are taken for forther investigation of the health of your mouth.

we will tehn discuss with you any findings and the options open to you to maintain and secure your oral health

Child Dentistry

Taking care of milk teeth and the anxieties of children.

fissure sealing to protect teeth from caries

flouride treaments, oral hygiene instruction and orthodontic assessment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Making your teeth and smile beautiful using the latest techniques in aesthetic dentistry.


clear aligner

zoom whitening

cerec same day veneers and crowns.

Root Fillings

the restoration of necrotic or infected teeth.

we use dams to isolate the tooth and flexible files to clean the roots which are then sealed wirh warm rubber.

giving you the confidence to chew and bite without discomfort.


using the latest techniques to realign crooked teeth and give youthe confidence of a perfect smile.

we use inman aligner, clear trays and fastbraces.

results can be achieved in 4 months.


implanting titanium roots into your jaw bone to replace missing teeth and restore gaps with a natural appearance

we use nobel biocare and ankylos implants.


keeping your gums healthy

ultrasonic cleaning, plaque disclosing, pocket charting and oral hygiene instruction.

Restorative Dentistry

restoration of heavily filled teeth with all porcelain cerec crowns

replacement of metal fillings with tooth coloured durable materials .

Facial Cosmetics

we offer a range of tretments to eliminate wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance.

dermal fillers, dysport

Dr Gallagher has over 10 years experience in the provision of facial cosmetics.

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